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Our healthcare system today

Premiums are rising. Digitalization in healthcare is not progressing. Our health data is stored unstructured in silos. We have no control over our data, and only a few of us have and use an electronic patient dossier (EPD). That's why we founded the Association Swiss Health Data Space.


Our vision

Each of us - all of us - has a useful health data account (the evolution of the EPD) that allows us to navigate the healthcare system easily, safely, and efficiently. In this health data account, our data is collected, organized, and standardized with high quality and structure, so that it brings benefits.

We can provide our health data for our personal treatment (primary use) and for society (secondary use) in a well-built and robust Swiss Health Data Space, under controlled and transparent conditions.

In this way, we enable all healthcare providers to dedicate more of their working time to us and free them from unnecessary administration.

Our Mission

The Association Swiss Health Data Space is committed to consistently and directly pursuing this people-centered vision. The association explicitly aims to enable Swiss taxpayers, both contributors and payers, to contribute to and shape the Swiss Health Data Space actively.


Who are we looking for?

As association members, we are looking for people who champion the digitization of healthcare while upholding Swiss values: individual responsibility, quality, freedom, self-determination.


What do we do?

We collect information about the current state of digitalization in healthcare and analyze it. We make the analyses available to the association members. We participate in the political processes to shape the future Swiss Health Data Space. We engage in dialogue with all stakeholders. And we organize concrete projects to test the Swiss Health Data Space. The first project is called "EIGER": Expedition Into the Swiss Health Data Space.


How do we help healthcare professionals?

Only with the involvement of healthcare providers will the digitization of healthcare in Switzerland be successful. Therefore, we advocate for the elimination of unnecessary and meaningless administration when they utilize their patients' health data accounts, allowing them to experience significant added value. In doing so, we contribute to mitigating the shortage of skilled professionals.


What does it cost to participate?

Membership in the association costs 150.- per year for individuals. In return, you become part of a community interested in a democratic, human-centered digitization of the healthcare system. If you additionally wish to participate in our expedition into the health data space EIGER, this incurs a one-time additional cost of 350.-. In exchange, you will gain unique insights into Switzerland's current health data landscape, learn a lot about your own health data, and actively contribute to shaping a useful health data space in Switzerland.


Our next events

26 June 15:00 Annual meeting in Olten
26 June 17:00 Forum 2024 in Olten (Registration)

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The EIGER expedition into the Health Data Space

Our first project: The expedition into today's health data space in Switzerland. Read more about the expedition here.

As a Salutonaut participant in the expedition

The mission of the association Swiss Health Data Space

The Association Swiss Health Data Space is committed to consistently and directly pursuing this people-centered vision. The association explicitly aims to enable Swiss taxpayers, both contributors and payers, to contribute to and shape the Swiss Health Data Space actively.


Support the association GdS and become a member

Help us to transform and reshape the future of health care in Switzerland. And stay up-to-date with the project. If you are interested in becoming a member, click on the checkbox for more information and the link to the application.


Answers at a glance

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about the association Swiss Health Data Space, the expedition, and the Salutonaut participant.

Who we are

As the SHDS, it is essential for us to raise awareness of the issue among the Swiss population. We provide knowledge transfer to promote transparency, acceptance, and trust. Additionally, we create the legal, technical, economic, and organizational conditions necessary for operating a people-centered health data space for the entire Switzerland.

Link to the statutes of the association "Swiss Health Data Space"

It’s time for us to take action and work together for the democratization of health data.

Ernst Hafen

President SHDS, molecular geneticist and professor emeritus at ETH Zurich

With high-quality data, we can practice more precise medicine and recommend more effective treatments.

Barbara Biedermann

Vice-President GdS, physician, founder of COBEDIAS, and titular professor at the University of Basel

Jürg Bühler

Executive Director SHDS, Projects

Lukas Bruhin

Legal and Regulation

Federico Marmori

Health Data

Michele Savino

Customer Experience

Christian Westerhoff

Physician and Clinic

Peter Grolimund


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, has been supporting the preliminary work of the founding members since early 2021 and is the first corporate member of the association.

B. Braun (Switzerland) AG has been our second corporate member supporting us since March 2023

Interested in becoming a corporate member? Please feel free to contact Jürg Bühler at



GdS Forum 2024

Our Forum 2024 will take place on
26th of Juin at 17:00

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Locality: Hotel Arte , Olten