Our vision

With your data you do have your health under control

With easy and direct access to your health data, you can better monitor and coordinate your health. You will be notified directly about changes and the latest insights regarding your situation.

The health data space enables better management of personal health data to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. At the same time, privacy is protected.


Our vision

You determine who has access to your data!

Whether you share necessary data with your family, doctors, or therapists is entirely up to you. Especially in emergencies, access for close relatives or medical professionals can be very valuable and save lives.

Important health data can continue to live on even after the passing of family members, helping to protect the health of future generations.

Our vision

Accurate diagnosis, personalized therapy

With securely stored and anonymized health data, doctors and therapists can access your medical history more quickly and accurately diagnose your condition, leading to personalized treatment plans.

The exchange of data, regardless of systems, allows medical professionals to better cater to their patients' needs and use their time more effectively for care and consultation. Donated high-quality data can lead to innovative methods for therapies and new treatments, strengthening people's trust in the healthcare system.

Our vision

Better prevention

With your consent, your anonymized health data can also be used for research to develop new insights and more effective treatment methods. We strive to make it possible for you to track who gains new insights from your health data in the future.

Health data can optimize and simplify care through faster and more accurate diagnoses and individual treatment plans. In addition, a patient's treatment can be better monitored. Researchers can gain optimized insights and develop innovative methods and medications through high-quality data.

Health data that is compatible regardless of system or institution increases the efficiency of healthcare. High costs due to duplicate examinations and unnecessary treatments are avoided. This way, the entire society benefits from the data!

Our vision

Your data belongs to you

You can be sure that your data will only be used for its intended purpose and that access to your data is strictly controlled. If you agree to a request for the secondary use of your data, it will be made accessible in anonymized form. However, you can also decline such requests. Your privacy is protected in any case.

Our vision

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Support the GdS association and become a member. Together, we advocate for a people-centered digital transformation of Switzerland's healthcare system. Join us! So that your data belongs to you in the future.

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The mission of the Swiss Health Data Space Association

The Swiss Health Data Space Association aims to improve healthcare in Switzerland through secure and effective use of structured health data, with a focus on the well-being of individuals. You are the only one in control of your own data. Complete and securely stored health data, which are accessible and understandable for individuals, will improve healthcare, save lives, and reduce healthcare costs. This is what we strive for!

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The expedition to the Health Data Space

The Swiss Health Data Space Association aims to pave the way for a human-centered data space in Switzerland and thus improve healthcare in the country through this crystallization project. With pioneers who are convinced of the benefits of a secure and independent data space and willing to collect and share their data, we embark on the expedition to the health data space together. With the experiences gained, the pioneers act as crystallization seeds for a human-centered digital transformation of healthcare.

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Who we are

As the SHDS, it is essential for us to raise awareness of the issue among the Swiss population. We provide knowledge transfer to promote transparency, acceptance, and trust. Additionally, we create the legal, technical, economic, and organizational conditions necessary for operating a people-centered health data space for the entire Switzerland.

Link to the statutes of the association "Swiss Health Data Space"

It’s time for us to take action and work together for the democratization of health data.

Ernst Hafen

President SHDS, molecular geneticist and professor emeritus at ETH Zurich

With high-quality data, we can practice more precise medicine and recommend more effective treatments.

Barbara Biedermann

Vice-President GdS, physician, founder of COBEDIAS, and titular professor at the University of Basel

Peter Grolimund

Executive Director SHDS

Lukas Bruhin

Legal and Regulation

Federico Marmori

Health Data

Michele Savino

Customer Experience

Christian Westerhoff

Physician and Clinic

Jürg Bühler


Franziska Bächler


Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, has been supporting the preliminary work of the founding members since early 2021 and is the first corporate member of the association.