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Expedition: Important Documents (Translation in preparation)

Terms of Participation

Expedition Agreement for Salutonauts

Expedition Agreement for Mediconauts

List of Health Data Accounts (including EPDs) that can be used (in preparation)

List of Mediconauts (in preparation)

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Forum 2023

Einführung: Ernst Hafen

Werkzeuge: Peter Grolimund

Mediconaut: Barbara Biedermann

Rechtliches: Franziska Bächler

Zusammenfassung: Ernst Hafen

Präsentation zum Event Forum 2023 GdS

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Association Documents

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Corporate Members

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG supported the founding members' preparations since early 2021 and is the first corporate member of the association.

B. Braun (Schweiz) AG since March 2023, is our second corporate member supporting us.

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Partner mit Mandaten

Calydo AG: Webhosting, Webdesign

Cobedix AG: Expert support

data4ALL GmbH: Expert support

ELCA Group SA: Development of the logbook for the expedition

Hafen Consulting GmbH: Expert support

Hestia Labs: Workshops on data analysis-privacy

Team Bühler GmbH: Management, Expert support

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Supporters / Sponsors

Cobedix AG: Use of Cobedias Software for the Expedition, Expert support

data4ALL GmbH: Expert support

Layout Consulting GmbH: Financing of video recordings at our Forum 2023, Expert support

Hafen Consulting GmbH: Expert support

Team Bühler GmbH: Expert support, Organization, Website content